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Discovering Lincoln's Charm: A Journey Through Bailgate

Updated: Apr 23

Lincolnshire's historic Bailgate area, with Follie gift shop at its heart.

Nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire's historic Bailgate area, Follie isn’t just an Independent Gift Shop, it’s a little treasure trove for those seeking unique finds, beautiful gifts and special home accessories. But just outside the pretty doors of our pink and proud shop lies an amazing area waiting to be explored. Come with me on a little stroll through the charming streets of Lincoln’s Bailgate and I’ll show you the treasures that await!

Bailgate is renowned for its picturesque setting, situated in the Cathedral Quarter, just a stone’s throw away from Lincoln's iconic landmarks. As you wander through its quirky streets, you'll find an array of specialist shops, from boutique stores to crafts and gift shops, independent restaurants and cafes, perfect for a mooch and a browse through Lincoln's rich history and culture.

But why is it called Bailgate? Well, the origins date way back to the castle's boundaries, where the area surrounding it was known as the outer bail. Over time, this evolved into the name 'Bailgate,' encapsulating Lincoln's historic past.

Each year Lincoln’s impressive attractions draw in visitors from near and far, all year round, including our majestic 11th century Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle, which can both be found right around the corner from Follie. One of the most significant relics housed within Lincoln Castle is the Magna Carta, a symbol of freedom and justice. Since its arrival in 1215, the Magna Carta has remained in Lincoln, preserved for generations to come. It stands as a reminder of Lincoln's pivotal role in shaping the course of history.

These incredible landmarks stand as testaments to the city's cultural heritage, but let's not forget the city's vibrant atmosphere, fuelled by its two universities, energetic creativity and the renowned Lincoln City FC.

You are so very welcome by all to come and explore Lincoln's Bailgate area, whether you're seeking the perfect gift or simply looking to soak in the city's ambiance, our Cathedral Quarter offers a unique and memorable experience. So we’ll see you soon? Come and uncover the magic of Lincolnshire's hidden gem.


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