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Celebrate the spirit of Local Small Business’

The Newland Cobbler

Whilst a well known, high street, nationwide retailer has had rather a lot of publicity this week as it’s CEO was appointed the new Prisons Minister, I wanted to shine a HUGE spotlight on one of our very own Lincoln based, born and bred independent businesses.

THE NEWLAND COBBLER, owned & run by Norman Elliot, will have been refurbishing your shoes and bags for 30 years this December, no easy feat! (excuse the pun) Having troublesome pins myself, I’ve always used a cobbler, a skilled craftsman, to tweak my shoes when needed, either using the cobbler in the old indoor market or Mr Rose on Boultham Park Avenue, but these are no more. And then other day I needed some keys cutting, but wanting to avoid the high street chain, I remembered I’d seen The Newland Cobbler when I was on my Lincoln Free Walking tour, looking at Roman remains at the Council offices, so I headed on down to Newland.

Once inside you are greeted by a smorgasbord of shoe laces, insoles, leather waxes and creams in more colours than I have shoes. He’ll repair your boots & shoes, from hand stitched leather brogues to Birkenstocks and steel toe capped biker boots using a fabulous 100year old sewing machine, still propelled by its original cast iron, foot pedal. If your shoes have been savaged by your pet pooch he can patch them up & if child’s rucksack has been flung too far he can sew it back together, or put in a new zip in.

The Newland Cobbler is located to the west of the city, opposite Lucy Tower Street, an area which was once populated by about 7000 officers workers who’d visit him to get their footwear repaired, bags restitched and belts mended, but the pandemic and the ‘work from home’ culture has drastically cut the footfall in this part of town, and has recently been compounded by the current, long term, roadworks all along Newland and closing of parts of the footpaths making it increasingly difficult for passing trade.

I’m sure I’m already preaching to the converted and locally knowledgeable, but in a time where we are encouraged think more about our environment, to reuse, recycle and refurbish, the skills and services like Normans are vital. So I’ve been compelled to shout out about a fellow small business, trying to make a living, not located in the newly developed areas of the city or the historical quarter where I am. We can’t forget about these small business’ who are the heartbeat of your neighbourhood, the spine of your local economy and the spirit of your city, so please go and get your shoes repaired or some new insoles to help stop those bunions forming.

The Newland Cobbler, 31A Newland, Lincoln
tel 07907 335785


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you support Josie

Many thank Norman

Replying to

My pleasure

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